12' Choker Chain

12' Choker Chain
Brand: Iron Pig Off Road
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12' chain with 3/8" clevis grab hook one one end and slip hook on the other.
System 4, High Test Chain, Grade 70

Designed for use in load binding, towing, logging, and other applications requiring high strength.



  • Standard Material: Heat Treated Carbon Steel
  • Proof Tested
  • Not for Overhead lifting
  • 3/8 “ Dia.
  • Working Load Limit 6600 lbs

    A word about chains - We've seen more than a few folks out on the trails and in other recovery situations making a potentially fatal mistake - using a chain in place of a recovery strap. Choker chains have a number of uses, but yanking or pulling a stuck vehicle are not among them. A good use of a choker chain is in moving a log once a tree has been felled or cleared from the trail. A properly-positioned choker chain will bite into the bark of the log and give good grip to enable the log to be moved.

    Chains are not intended to withstand "shock loads" the way a good quality recovery strap is. Give a solid yank to a recovery strap, and the fabric will stretch slightly, taking up some of the kinetic energy and then re-releasing it more gradually. A chain, on the other hand, will ultimately fly apart, and any broken links will travel through the air at great speed, striking any target they hit with deadly force.

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