Trailhead Tire deflator, 5-20 PSI

Trailhead Tire deflator, 5-20 PSI
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Trailhead Tire Deflators


Trailhead tire deflators are automatic tire deflators used to lower tire pressure for improved traction off road. The lower air pressure provides a larger contact patch and thus greater floatation in soft surfaces like sand and mud. Lower air pressure also allows the tire to flex more and conform to uneven surfaces like rocks and logs. Unlike other deflators Trailhead tire deflators are DOT approved which means you can actually install the deflators when you get to the trail and drive while airing down, the deflators stop automatically at the pre-set pressure.

Trailhead deflators are available in two different pressure ranges:

  • 5-20 PSI - Suitable for most off road use. Set as low as 5 PSI on a Rockcrawler or Sand Rail with beadlocks, or up in the 15 PSI range for heavier trucks without beadlocks.
  • 15-40 PSI - Perfect for heavy trucks, tractors or the occasional trip to the beach where pressures need to be slightly higher.


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  • Manufactured by: Trailhead Deflators

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